The cat killer strikes in Yonkers


There is a new type of serial killer on the loose in Yonkers, New York. But this one is not after humans, they are after your cats. More than 30 dead cats were discovered decomposing inside plastic bags that were hanging from trees in an abandoned lot in Yonkers on Thursday.

The horrific display was discovered around 10am when workers arrived to clean up the lot. Ernie Lungaro, director of humane law enforcement at the SPCA of Westchester told the Associated Press that the animals had been there for a while. Some of the carcasses were severally decomposed.

“It’s hard to believe that someone didn’t notice something,” said SPCA’s executive director, Shannon Laukhuf. “The smell of decomposition is overwhelming.”

Local police are investigating the incident and trying to determine who killed the cats. Along with the cats, authorities found a baseball bat, two shovels, and a metal pipe near the scene.

According to the SPCA of Westchester  necropsies were performed on three feline victims and revealed the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head. It remains unclear as to whether the cats were feral or kidnapped pets.

“We’ve never really seen anything like this,” Laukhuf said.  “What’s so disturbing is the way the cats were hung in bags and arranged. This is obviously the work of someone very deranged.”

 Image courtesy of NYTimes.


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