Exclusive Interview with The Killer Plant Recording’s Creator

Check out my interview with owner and creator of The Killer Plant Recording Studio, Joshua Sausville located in Midtown, NYC.
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The cat killer strikes in Yonkers


There is a new type of serial killer on the loose in Yonkers, New York. But this one is not after humans, they are after your cats. More than 30 dead cats were discovered decomposing inside plastic bags that were hanging from trees in an abandoned lot in Yonkers on Thursday.

The horrific display was discovered around 10am when workers arrived to clean up the lot. Ernie Lungaro, director of humane law enforcement at the SPCA of Westchester told the Associated Press that the animals had been there for a while. Some of the carcasses were severally decomposed.

“It’s hard to believe that someone didn’t notice something,” said SPCA’s executive director, Shannon Laukhuf. “The smell of decomposition is overwhelming.”

Local police are investigating the incident and trying to determine who killed the cats. Along with the cats, authorities found a baseball bat, two shovels, and a metal pipe near the scene.

According to the SPCA of Westchester  necropsies were performed on three feline victims and revealed the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head. It remains unclear as to whether the cats were feral or kidnapped pets.

“We’ve never really seen anything like this,” Laukhuf said.  “What’s so disturbing is the way the cats were hung in bags and arranged. This is obviously the work of someone very deranged.”

 Image courtesy of NYTimes.

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…no it’s a blood moon!


Thousands gathered at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles between 2 and 4:30am Tuesday morning in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the rare “blood moon.” The moon took on a reddish hue and was visible in North and South America in different phases depending on location. Families in Los Angeles spread out blankets on the grass and came equipped with their binoculars and telescopes.

A blood moon is essentially a total lunar eclipse where a full moon turns into a coppery red as it passes into the Earth’s shadow. During this process the moon takes on a red hue because the moon’s bright glow dims and takes in the sunlight and sunsets of surrounding areas. The entire reddening process of the moon takes about an hour.

This astronomical event is so rare because the moon has to be full and have a large enough shadow for the total lunar eclipse to occur and be red. As more of the moon seeps through the shadows the red tint will fade and the normal silver color will appear.

Some North American cities were not as fortunate to see this sky delicacy due to showers the clouded the sky in locations such as Atlanta. Those with the greatest view of the moon were cities: Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles.

Nasa eclipse expert Fred Espenak reports there was a 300-year period when there were no blood moons. Now there are more opportunities to take advantage of this spectacle. North America can plan to see the blood moon four more times between now and September of next year. In addition to the spotting on Tuesday it will also appear in the skies on October 8 2014, April 4th 2015, and September 8 2015. If you miss those three remaining blood moons you’ll have to wait until 2032 to see it.


Image Courtesy of CNN.