A Title Worth Celebrating: Marseilles-Provence Capitale Européene De La Culture


Marseilles has been labeled many things: “the city of water”, “the oldest and second largest city in France”, “the city of the sun” etc. Finally, it receives a title with some oomph: “the Capital of Culture 2013.”

As if the French needed anymore bragging rights, their latest title is one highly sought after by every city in Europe. It requires a selection panel of thirteen elect people to determine the winner. It was first started in 1985 by Mélina Mercouri and Jack Long and 30 cities have been awarded the title every since.

To be selected, the city must create a yearlong artistic program involving all areas of art: dance, music, theatre, science, sport, cuisine, heritage…you name it! As a result, Marseilles and Provence will host over 400 events, 60 exhibitions, and numerous artistic displays throughout 2013. Interested in what events will take place? Take a look for yourself here!

This weekend, January 12th and 13th, commences the “opening weekend” of the festivities featuring a treasure hunt, fireworks, and a light parade. Click here to see a full description of this weekend’s itinerary.

The European way of ‘sharing the wealth’ limits France from receiving the award again for at least another 10 years. So enjoy it while you can Francophiles!

What does this event mean for the French citizen? Other than being surrounded by the flood of camera-carrying-tourists this year, on a positive not you get 365 days of exquisite culture within your own borders!
What does this event mean to me? I am currently staying in Gemenos, a short 15 kilometers distance from the city itself!
What does this event mean to you the reader, who I am sure is at a much further distance? Besides learning something new from a report of an eyewitness, I have removed any hesitation for booking that flight to France.
If you are in the business of travel, rest assured that your job is secure for at least another year. You’re welcome.

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