These girls are ‘Scouting’ for another successful year at the Holiday Light Show

You know them for their addictive cookies, but the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County may have a new claim to fame: The Holiday Light Show. In Bayport, Long Island the Girl’s Scouts are hosting their 9th annual Holiday Light Show from 5pm to 9pm everyday from November 29th to December 30th.

“We reach people with the show from Manhattan all the way to Montauk” said Director of Public Relations, Christine Terzella. Last year over 50,000 visitors made their way to the Holiday Village to take part in the event. “This year we are hoping to be even bigger than last year and hopefully break that record” said Terzella.

What about this event brings in so many people? The main attraction is the mile long drive through a wooded trail filled with numerous light displays. The display is put together by the Girl Scout’s staff of volunteers. After the light show visitors are welcome to enter the Holiday Village for refreshments or have their picture taken with Santa.

Another special feature of the event is the “Hall of Trees”. This display features different Christmas trees designed by each troop, decorated with items for someone in need. Troop 2681 from Wading River, New York designed a “pet tree” which was decorated with pet products that correlated with their mission to help animals.

The Girl Scouts use their light show not only to raise money for their philanthropy but as an outlet to raise awareness for their specific missions. In support of Troop 2681’s mission to help animals they used the Holiday Village, prior to it’s opening up to the public, to throw an animal themed party.

The party included pizza and a live show from “Nature Nick,” an exotic animal entertainer. “This is the first year we are doing this for the Girl Scouts. They were a great audience, hopefully we will be back to do another show again for 2013” said licensed animal handler Nick Jacinto, who trains rescued zoo animals.

Although there was no denying the animal entertainment, food, and light show were much enjoyed, these girls never lost sight of what mattered most during the Holidays. Scout member Isabella Licati, from Troop 764 spoke for the entire Scouts when she said, “the best part of it all is getting to help other people.” If you haven’t already, take a drive through the Holiday Light Show; it’ll put you in the Holiday spirit while helping someone in need.

Cinematography by Jonathan Kudzmas

One thought on “These girls are ‘Scouting’ for another successful year at the Holiday Light Show

  1. Great Report!!! Very Informative.!! Enjoyed Reading News like This, Especially during the Holiday. All the Best to the Young Aspiring Journalist!!!

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