Hofstra dorming: the ongoing renovation process


Vice President of Students Affairs,  Sandy Johnson and Vice President of Facilities and Operations, Joseph Barkwill, meet with me to discuss what goes behind Hofstra’s renovations. 

Molding, leaking, and decaying, oh my! These are some of the problems Hofstra University students who live in the towers Vander Poel and Estabrook have. With a good portion of tuition allocated for rooming, some students are unhappy with their current living conditions. Good news students! Hofstra has heard your complaints and is doing all they can to address the problems.

“Our belief is to remain in a state of positive restlessness,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Sandra Johnson. “What we are doing to improve is good, but there is always room for more improvements.”

What exactly are these improvements? Hofstra is currently two years underway into their three year plan to renovate all six towers. The time it takes to completely renovate each building allow Hofstra to manage only two per Summer.

“Literally the day after commencement we start taking apart the buildings” said Vice President of Facilities and Operations Joseph Barkwill.

Summer classes and activities hinder their ability to renovate them at once because they must keep a good portion of the dorms available. Vander Poel and Estabrook are the last two buildings scheduled for renovation this upcoming Summer.

Each renovation includes new furniture, flooring, blinds, fire alarm system, security system, HVAC units, and a complete painting. This comes with a price tag of 1.4 million dollars for each tower. The towers will also receive new windows which equals an additional 4.5 million dollars for all six.

Students who live in the two unrenovated towers may feel frustrated with current room problems there are things they can do prior to renovation. By using the Hofstra Portal, a work order can be put in to public safety who will respond and fix the problem in a timely manner.

To some students, having perfect dorm quality seems that it should be an unquestionable priority but there is a much more complicated process behind it all. Plans for improvements are always underway, ranging from a two to five year planning process.

Johnson describes the altercations to Hofstra facilities as “constant, you never stop. Students dictate what changes they want to see and we listen.” Through the data they find in work orders, the results of the Quality of Life Survey, and any other suggestions they receive, Student Affairs works within the realms of their time and budget to offer the best solutions to Hofstra students.

My Infographic

Infographic created by Jennifer Sekyi

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