Explore next door excursion: Central Park bike tour

We capture moments in photography to share with others not only what we see but what we experience. I had the great privilege of leading an Explore Next Door trip sponsored by Hofstra’s Office of Student Leadership and Activities with Hofstra faculty member Fred Burke. Together we took 19 students to New York City and participated in a bike tour through Central Park. I wanted to share the enlightening yet challenging experience with others, and what better way to do so then through a visual essay.

According to Stan Cherian, the associate director of O.S.L.A, Hofstra University has been hosting their E.N.D trips for the past seven years. This was their first year conducting their central park bike tour as part of the program for first year students. This story was particularly newsworthy because of its relevance to Hofstra’s history. As a co-leader, I had the responsibility of taking care of the group. This entailed making sure we were always together and that no one got injured. With 21 people on bikes this provided a challenge.
I struggle with keeping my own balance on the ground so adding a bicycle to the equation was risky. Combining that with a camera made a comical scene. I almost fell off my bike several times and came close to running into a tree in order to get a particular action shot. The park was filled with hundreds of pedestrians on their heels or on wheels so staying out of their way was also an obstacle. Although it was a challenging day, I’m happy with the turnout of the pictures and the experience I gained from the trip.

Link to Photo Essay: http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/05f21e4e76

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