Upstate New-Yorker moves to Long Island

From the cow pastures to the Big Apple this is Alexis Vail’s journey. Alexis is currently a sophomore at Hofstra University pursuing a career in print journalism. She was raised in upstate New York but her family recently relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. Over her freshman year she has become more accustomed to Hofstra as her temporary home. Switching from a high school graduating class of 40 students to a big university of a couple thousand may seem challenging; but Alexis embraces the idea of “always meeting a new face.”

In addition to her major, Alexis has a minor in political science. She is excited for all the political opportunities she can partake in on campus. One opportunity she is eager to take advantage of is her position as a CP Transfer Runner intern for the upcoming presidential debate that Hofstra is hosting. While she originally wanted to attend New York University she says that she is “satisfied with the school overall and I’m looking forward to finishing my major.” She may come from a small town, but she’s enjoying city life.

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